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Below is a list of our sponsorship offerings. Feel free to contact Noreen Leary at for more info.

Supporter Special
Cash Commitment $2,000 $1,000 $500 $250 In kind
(min $1,500 in retail value)
Fund Raising contribution % from event
Exclusivity Yes but defined by industry and in written document No No No No No
Web Banner and all electronic club wide official transmissions Prominent on sponsor page as well as on monthly “crab wrapper” On sponsor page and  quarterly in the "crab wrapper" Listed as a club sponsor Quarterly listing on "crab wrapper" and at appropriate event(s) Minimum - Month leading up to event and 2 weeks after
Logo On Club gear (1) Club training gear medium (2) Club training gear small (2) NO Club training gear small (2) NO – unless specific gear created for the event (3)
Individual Memberships (included) 2 1 0 0 1 0
Logo In news letter Yes – with link Yes – with link Yes – with link Yes – with link Yes – with link Minimum 2 times in "Crab Wrapper"
Opportunity to host table at Club Meetings and events (4) Yes Yes Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly At their event
Opportunity to write an article in Monthly newsletter (5) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Either in the month before or after the event
Opportunity to distribute materials (6) Yes Yes Quarterly Quarterly Yes At the event
Opportunity to email information to club members (7) Quarterly Quarterly Semi-annually Once annually Semi-annually At the event and to registered attendees of the event


* Sponsor has first opportunity to support a club sanctioned race or timed event open to the pubic that is subject to those special event-specific sponsorship guidelines.
(1) Exclusivity is limited by industry and the request is submitted in the sponsorship agreement.
(2) This is for gear created by club for events and if commitment and cash is in place by 2/1 name (not necessarily logo) will be included in a discrete location on kits (i.e. on sleeve or clustered on pocket etc... placement to be determined by gear committee and total of all non ATC graphics to utilize NOT more than 12.5% (1/8) of the kit area) Kits will be ONLY for Colossal Crab sponsor level.
(3) This is for gear created by club for events. This could include training gear that is subsidized by the club, event gear created and subsidized by the club etc. This level will NOT be on any gear created for racing i.e. Kits. (4) This is for gear created by club for specific event sponsor is involved. There is not exclusivity available for this if cobranding is to be used (cobranding the ATC with supporting sponsor).
(5) Sponsors will have the opportunity to attend club meetings, events, lectures, happy hours, etc... where appropriate a table will be available for sponsors to have a person(s) there to discuss their product. In the event a lecture is not hosted by a club sponsor but is hosted by a competitive group the club reserves the right to have both groups in attendance, but limit (minimize) the exposure etc. to the club sponsor.
(6) Articles in the newsletter are NOT advertisements but for the benefit of the club members and achieving their goals. This section allows sponsors to either provide appropriate articles to achieve that goal or the club can look for “ghost writers” to help if requested... Once quarterly, both Colossal and Jumbo sponsors may also provide an additional advertisement for distribution in the Crab Rapper.
(7) Materials can be in any format and could be advertising etc... all must be reviewed and approved (in writing) by the executive committee 15 days in advance of distribution. Photos, PDF, etc. are acceptable manners to provide materials for the committee to review. This would be at events etc...
(8) Emails will be distributed by the club for the benefit of the sponsor. They will go out as a separate email on the same day as the Crab Rapper (monthly newsletter). Emails must be reviewed by and approved (in writing) by the executive committee not less than 15 days in advance of distribution. There is NO provision for expedited review, but multiple items can be reviewed and approved in advance.

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